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   JSteven 2019 pencil and marker
perfectportraitpicture.coms marilyn monroe drawing
JSteven 2017 graphite , colored pencils

musical backround                                JSteven pen,pencil,marker 2020

 Have you always wanted to be able to draw but don’t have time to invest in it?

ugly faces for the previous comment

Stop Right There. Come On Your Already Starting Off Your New Art Career With Fear and Excuses .

crossroads picture

You can put aside ten or twenty  minutes for a cigarette. So you can also put a few minutes aside for this. Plus perfectportraitpicture.com is a at your own pace kinda site so no rush . Also its online obviously so you can take your art lesson anywhere,anytime .

Marylin Monroe original drawing

                                          2015 JSteven pencil, ink

Hello….. Welcome to…. perfectportraitpicture.com

 Why should you choose us ?


Scetch picture

Here at perfectportraitpicture.com I strive to be a great resource for all of the Aspiring Artist’s in the community here as well as everyone else in the world that needs or wants  to get better or more creative as an Artist. We respect your privacy here at Perfect Portrait Picture as explained in our Privacy policy page that you can access below. Also we have a FREE MEMBERSHIP option here at Perfect Portrait Picture  which honestly is unheard-of for art Websites. We want you to be able to check out our stuff before committing to us.

What to Expect Here ?

                                     JSteven colored pencil 2018

Here we will go at your pace and each case is different so we will take your present skill set time available how much you want to invest in your future and we will build your very own personalized art course as little or high demanding as you would like. We have a Plethora of genuinely original content for our community plus an exclusive email update list only for the most serious in this art world. So if you want to sign up for that the big white signup box on most of the pages of this site will get you to the top of that list

snake drawing protects your privacyJeremy S. 2018 colored pencil
Jeremy 2014 pencil

                               Jeremy Steven 2018 crayola crayons

Now check out the article/ Post’s page alot of cool stuff happening there. Lessons posts by the admin reviews, ect…Click here check it out it will definitely get you pumped for whats next…. Maybe your not feeling the Perfect Portrait Picture page at all if thats the case click here

These picture’s on this page are just a few of the work of admin and founder of perfectportraitpicture.com  Jeremy Steven. If you would like to check out more from this artist just go to the bottom of this page and click on the Jeremy’s pictures photos and images page

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  1. I Created My Site because i am done being a slave for society’s visions of what a man should do to be a man . or more easily put. Im done workin for uncle sam. I love to lead people so the art site came natural

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