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Over 20 Million tax paying Blue Collar American Citizens Betrayed By their own Government!
I’m sure we all remember those commercials of the young African children hungry wishing for savior to come through in simply give them a meal
Yes, everyone remembers those commercials I know I’ve almost teared up at a few of them it’s sad to think of how a person can go through that much.

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With the way our government is handling our situation right now in America we could be the next Hunger commercial. IBet that you never thought that it would come to that for America well as of two days ago nearly 25 million Americans went from being able to pay their rent to going hungry

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I wonder how many of you out there has really stopped for two seconds and thought to yourselves the severity of our country’s betrayal. Twenty five million Americans were pretty much fired. Our government, the very people who are supposed to be looking out for us, stripped us from the very life source that was saving so many of us from going hungry.

When in reality all it would have taken to keep this Economy afloat for the time being while those Idiots in Washington pulled their heads out of their butts was a few signatures .

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Come on People I mean that is literally the government’s job is to make sure the country ruins smooth and Americans are stabilized. I mean isn’t Liberalism at its core, looking out for humanity .Im ashamed , ashamed that our government can do this and at the same time call themselves American .I do not see a single American among the entire bunch. I mean at a time when the unemployment is higher that its been since the world war 2 days

you cut billions of federal dollars being pumped into our economy. .
I Nobody I feel the same way. I don’t know how everybody steals in the world about the situation I know it perturbs the crap out of me I have a 2 year old son and a wife that lost her job as well as I cuz of this pandemic.. so we are one of those families that are really feeling the punch of this ridiculous governments lack of competence.

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Is Anyone who reads this share with somebody that you know so we can get as many people as we can to see it to see what our guardian angels have done to us and please comment tell me what you think thank you so much for reading I am the affiliate doctor coming at you
Jeremy Steven

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