ART THERAPY                       STATISTICS

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    Even though everyone is not an art lover like myself. Everyone enjoys art in one way or another and although the word therapy may throw just about anyone off sometimes it’s  very beneficial .

art therapy picture
A man Practicing his art therapy outside in beautiful mother nature


Think about it like this, What person doesn’t indulge in it in some way or another .Perhaps,  it is a big Painting that’s on the side of a building that somebody appreciates during their morning jog work off the extra pounds they gained on spring break. Maybe it’s someone sitting down, laughing to the funny papers in the morning. Maybe it’s an artist like me,or an artist like you who Spends their hours at night drawing beautiful portraits. Yes everyone enjoys art in some form or another .The really amazing part to this is what’s going on and that person’s brain while they’re enjoying there art therapy.

van Gogh

The statistics are mind-boggling. They show that art helps with depression anxiety And can truly be a valuable source for treating P.T.S.D. (post-traumatic stress disorder) because plainly put, art is an emotion without words you don’t have to be embarrassed standing up reading something to a big crowd or singing in a microphone in front of a million people it’s something you can do by yourself in your room until wonderful and I have to speak or move hardly depending on the art of course today I’ll be giving you a brief summary into art therapy statistics.


  Art Therapy= A Form  of psychotherapy that involves encouraging people’s self-expression by painting or maybe drawing and even modeling clay or carving perhaps it’s used as an activity to form a diagnosis. although art therapy, as a creative arts therapy profession originated and the fields of Art and Psychotherapy and sometimes it may vary in definition depending on witch doctor or critic you talk to.


    With that information about art therapy and a little bit of its history let’s discuss what its purpose is. The goal of art therapy is to get someone to explore art and express themselves through art To gain an understanding , or  personal Insight into new development and coping skills..To get a sick person not only to feel better emotionally through the arc, but two have a different mindset about their life.

man screaming who needs art therapy


   The Different Effects Art Has On Someone


   Art has many positive effects on a person it is used to reduce the amount of conflicts and  distress in a person’s life.  it is also used to improve cognitive and sensorimotor  functions, Foster self-esteem and self-awareness which is great for struggling and self-conscious kids  who are in school and do not know who they are yet it cultivates emotional resilience,  and helps with social skills.This  really doesn’t even scratch the surface of the benefits that art therapy has  on a person so I dug up a graph to show you all of the sayings that it helps with. 



   Yeah art can really your body can make you happier ,can take away your anxiety, it can even ease physical pain. It can improve your concentration , and I can personally tell you this from my experience that the more you create art the better your creativity abilities become . Every single picture that you draw or paint , causes your brain to open up and you are creative nature  to Skyrocket.. It’s like Bob Ross used to say ” beauty is everywhere”. I would listen to Bob Ross before I would listen to any artist in the world.

  If you don’t know she is the guy that used to paint pictures on PBS in the 70s he had the big red afro and spoke real soft. He was a wonderful painter and my favorite artist to this day.   






 Well, thank you very much everyone for listening. I hope this article ,gave you a little bit of insight into art therapy statistics. If have mental health issues and are looking for an outlet to help you cope i and just get away from the everyday grind of society then art therapy would be a wonderful solution I would call your primary care physician or counselor, if you have one, and ask them how to get involved.

sculpture for art therapy

    As always if you have any questions or comments please leave them below and I will answer them with-in a day usually. Keep those pencil’s working, don’t stop no matter what anybody says goodbye everybody.


Your Friend and Fellow Artist

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