PRODUCT NAME: Generals Multi Pastel Chalk Pencils

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Generals multi pastel chalk pencils Product Review

These Pencils defiantly have their share of history.Handcrafted and Proudly made in the U.S.A. since 1889. Made with Sustained Yield Incensed Cedar. To ensure smooth sharpening and strength. The rich pigments were very similar to renaissance artists of the early 1800s Best Results are on slightly rough paper. They have the ability to create any style you could possibly think of as exampled in the several artworks I have put in below.

A dance anyone look from realism to this how fascinating and all with     these pencils






I’m going to be walking you through some of my own personal aspects of why they are one of my favorite mediums ever First of all I’m able to sharpen than to a fine point and get those details I need. I use charcoal with them all the time for depth and they blend wonderfully. ive never gotten such a smooth a blend as with these pencils unfortunately I couldn’t give them the full 10 score simply because I don’t like the package. They are really hard to get out from the plastic saddle that they sit in. If not for that they would have gotten a 10. Also, their is a sharpener for every twelve pencils so their is three nicely snuggled in their place in the package.


This is generals  pastel pencil art” wow look at that color”.

Are Generals multi pastel pencils for You:

I would defiantly be able to recommend this product to you as a whole and here’s why.Sure they are a touch on the expensive side but with the pencils having less waste coming off off them like a traditional pastel you’ll be using half as much of them ive used an entire pastel in one drawing befor. Nope not with Generals pastels These particular pastels are a universal pencil whether you are a seasoned artist or an aspiring artist still figuring out your style. You can do anything with these tools. Portrait drawings, Cartoon, Comic Book, and so on I mean the sky is the limit.

mean face

thumb up
not anymore

I used to hate drawing backgrounds until I bought Generals multi Pastel Chalk Pencils

Normally as an artist I like to put my backgrounds in first before I draw in my details. Well with normal Pastels they made it impossible to do because for one they were so messy if you tried doing that your artwork would be a mess and lastly the tips are so big, well it was just impossible to get up close. Not with Generals. These bad boys get razor thin and don’t smear half as much as traditional Pastels I will be honest I’ll never go back from using generals.

There are only two possible aspects of Generals Pencils that might Keep A person from wanting to add them to their collection

First, as I said the plastic saddle makes it a little hard to grab them out. But this is totally doable and easy to work around

thumb upLastly, The price It may seem a little steep for a beginners taste. But in my opinion these pastels are well worth the penny.

Aside from that small downside the generals pencil company are doing a good job .

I hope that I made this review detailed enough for you and that it helps you make the right choice for yourself as an artist

I hope you enjoyed my review Please click the product link to buy these pencils and get started widening your artistic range.



by: Jeremy Steven

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  1. Hi!

    Wonderful colors! I like drawing a lot, although I’m not really good at it. 

    I loved your review, I am really passionate about drawings and I really admire all of your hard work and thanks to you I will probably give it a try and go ahead and buy them!

    Thanks again for the hard work!

    1. Thank u so much for the kind words Juan I always enjoy a good review Its never to late to start learning I will work with you and get you drawing like a can sign up for a membership or there is a free subscription as well but if your interested in a spacific artwork just comment back which one and you want and ill give you a link to purchase it since my site is still under construction I dont have certain links put in yet sorry about that . by the way could i put you on my email list for freelessons and content tha nks again jeremy

    2. Hello again. I havent seen you for a while . I know because of my site being new that there was some technical issues going on but its all worked out and i hope to see your comments again soon
      Good day sir
      Sincerely Jeremy

  2. As a hobby artist I am always looking for different mediums to play with. Your review has me looking at these pencils and may just have to add them to my collection. I currently have been playing around with some Castle Art pencils and some Ohuhu alcohol markers. I may just have to try out some pastel pencils. I have steered clear of pastels due to the mess, but you make these sound very tempting. Thank you for sharing and your work is great.

    1. Well thank you singer how do you get the time to work I actually am trying to do to pass Dells the pencils are great because I’m a portrait artist that part so unfortunately Matt spell Fransisco off because they claimed really really good follow you by bring it if you spend enough time to move with them colors really make that thing with real wait appreciate what do you think about me potentially putting you on my email list to receive Lucid content and update on the website

    2. How have you been I havent heard anything back from u did you check out those pastels ?Also my site had some technical stuff going on buy its all better no issues do checkit out and tell me what you think

  3. Not being a very big fan of drawing but seeing this post here, I think I have to buy this for my sister especially since her birthday is coming up and I didn’t have any idea for what to get her for her birthday. This will definitely make the perfect birthday gift for me as it is. The brushes look great and the painting just makes me feel even drawn to the  pastels.

    1. thankyou for the posative review If you end up wanting something a little more handcrafted for that birthday I can do self portraits as well either way thanks and please comment back your email Ill put you on my list and start sending u some free content

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