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skull and rose art

Hello everyone today is a very exiting piece simply because of the meaning behind the skull and rose .The thin line between life and death. the difference between good and evil, light and darkness. So I chose this piece to symbolize your path from regular Joe to A great and wonderful ARTIST.How about we learn how to draw this bad boy..

    # 1 Choose  your placement & Mediumdecorative pic for skull and rose post

First of all your gonna want to equip yourself properly soI made this basic list of things you’ll need moving in to the various lessons.

-A hard backed sketchbook.You can even use a clipboard with sheets of paper.

-Binder clips and masking tape to secure the artwork into place as your creating your masterpiece.

-Nonsmudge drawing tools such as your erasers,  graphite pencils, fibertipped pens(ballpoints are just as well),colored pencils are a good medium to keep around for any type of drawing,and a case to carry them in as well

-An Exact o knife to get that perfect point on your pencil. Please make sure you keep it in the case you don’t wanna poke yourself.

-A bottle of fixative spray to keep that masterpiece from smudging after your done…….Now,

placement picture

Your going to want to make sure that the skull is centered on the page perfectly.Its called your center point . Now this is very important that you get this center point correct because if you don’t than it throws the entire look of the drawing off just breath then draw a big circle about the size that your going to want your skull to be and maybe another smaller circle to represent the rose that is going to be sticking  out of the skull’s mouth Im leaving an example above to guide you. Remember You have all the time in the world.When your finished move on to step two

#2  Set A Rough Outline

rough outline for how to draw skull and rose

For this step Your not going to be to concerned with accuracy as much as just sticking to the placement. Keep that skull and rose centered on your page and big light strokes .That is the key. Set the rough outline Lay in the eye sockets a triangle for the nose(remember,draw everything in shapes on your outline)a fainted line for the mouth, shapes ,shapes, shapes ,everything else (details)will come in a minute draw in the rough edges for your rose as well. Use the picture above that I put for you as a guide then when you feel comfortable that you have it move on to step three.

#3 Refine your Outline

refined outline pic

Now Refine those edges once your confident that they are in the right place remember you have an eraser use it. Keep refining the lines then go ahead with one long swoop of your pencil lay in your line . At this point you wont be scratching the lines in one long solid line.When your piece is completed this will make all the difference in the world.Long solid lines come on you can do it . When you get this done move one and I put another picture as guide for this step as well.

 #4 Now this was my favorite  when I learned how to draw, lets start shading your beautiful skull and rose masterpiece!!!!!

There isn’t very much shading in this drawing except for the rose base and the skull crown a little on the nose but the good thing about using pictures for a guide is you can sit and look at them forever to get your piece just right. The background I actually started long before I did the rest and ill tell you why. \

When your drawing A Skull And Rose like this It takes time and energy believe it or not to get it to the Backround(step #5)stage .Then the background is strenuous in itself working in all the pigment into the paper fibers.So most people by this point will hurry through the background just to get it done and move on to the next project. By putting the background after step #3 or heck even#2 you get a better finished product

. Now write that down that is a very good tool or trick of the trade if you must.

backround and shading for skull and rose post

   #5 Drawing in a   background…Come on Artist  make that baby pop!!!!

Refer to Step #4 for Information reguarding the Backround…

finished skull and rose drawing

   I want each and everyone who visits this content here to know that I really appreciate all of your support. I have some really cool things in store for you guys . A skull and rose is just the beginning.So Please if you enjoyed this article leave a comment below.Also if you Have any questions or concerns let me know thankyou.

Yours truly

admin Jeremy steven

skull and rose pic

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  1. Your portrayal of the skull and rose was easy so I as a beginner could accomplish the task which im sure you planned good job.

  2. Thank you for taking the extra time to answer all of my questions during our one on one weekly tutor class. I really enjoy how patient you were when dealing with someone that has no experience such as myself. I look forward to learning more next week during our next tutor session. Glad i found your website and made the decision to fulfil one of my dreams to become an artist. Thank you again

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