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Welcome to Learning how to               draw for beginner’s !!!!!

Hello everyone If your a new artist completely new to this whole Art thing than I as another artist of this big world probably in a little corner of it that you probably never heard of applaud you with the loudest claps I can muster. You never know I could be next door or the guy at the super market that always smiles at you when you come in to shop. My point is we are all artists in our own way maybe you like arranging post-it notes a certain way on the refrigerator to know when and where you’re supposed to do this or the other thing it’s all perspection If you say that those post-it notes are your latest creation called stickey than by golly that is your masterpiece.

There is no right or wrong in art. So please don’t fear if your going to do a good job  because even the most famous artists will tell you

that when then first learned how to draw ,they were awful at it so relax it’ll work out I promise. Now before we get into it I want you to write these words down for your memory

medium drawing pic

1.Medium-A medium refers to the materials that are used to create your masterpiece (graphite pencils an eraser pastels a paint brush anything used in your design.

2.Tortillion- A shader used for blending Grapite or charcoal. In my opinion other things as well.

3.Hatching-A bunch of tiny little lines running in sequence with each other in order to create texture or value….Nowhere we go first….

                                    #1 Less is more

You will get to the point I promise when you are sitting there looking at your piece of art and thinking to yourself what is it missing. Trust me when I tell you I have been there chances are its just fine and realistically you could probably erase a little something to make it even better You try to cram to much in and it will look cluttered quick.

                              #2 Draw in shapes

Ill explain this better later but for now, just imagine drawing an apple or peach your gonna start off drawing a circle then you’ll add the details this goes for everything I mean everything draw in the shape then detail it.

                          #3 Draw what you see

Now this only applies to the various types of still life or photo realism art that your doing but I cant say it enough draw what you see nothing more if your trying to draw it like you see it just draw what you see . Many times people have asked me how do I draw that? I tell them all just draw what you see if there is a triangle your not going to draw a trapizoid just stick to what;s there for youdecorative pic for learning how to draw post

Why everyone should learn how to draw

When I was a boy growing up I guess you could say I got abused pretty badly. well those times when I just got my butt kicked so hard that my ears were ringing the only thing I had to get me through was drawing I remember the sounds of my Mothers screams would fade away once I started drawing a flower or bird. If Art saved me like this so many times than you learning how to draw as a beginner should be high up there on your priority list In this Pandemic you never know when you may need the stroke of a pen to escape you from reality for a while.

   Thank you ladies and gentlemen for reading my article on how to learn how to draw as a beginner In a nutshell you will learn the skill if you stick with me I have alot of ideas in store for you. If you want to leave a comment below I appreciate all feedback thanks again we will see each other again soon i guarentee it. God bless.

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  1. Artists out there of all values this is merely just a touch on the subject so don’t worry I will be going into detail on this subject.
    and if you have any questions please leave a comment below thanks yours truly JEREMY STEVEN

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