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Hello everybody. How is your beautiful sunday night…well your Monday morning? lol.

I’ll be the first one to stand up and say that I never in a hundred million years thought that I would be sitting here with my little asus p.c. and trying to build a business from the ground up with programs, software and business modeling that I know squat about. No sir. I imagined myself taking after my pops old Jeffro Sr. Until  one night when I witnessed a horrible terrible thing that changed my entire life. You see Art has always been there for me and well I always kinda just thought of it as a hobbie and my real job Was the buisness. J&B Roofing. We were out of a little town called Ashland Ky. Its all the way on the very tip top of the north eastern edge of the state,and boy Ill tell you jobs were few and far between………

decorative fear and power                                                                                                                        Motivation to overcome your fears

I   had a keen eye for business. I knew a lot of the time when my father would do something that it was wrong. I begged him on several occasions to let me take over the logistics side of things and he always just laughed . Now there isn’t a J&b ROOFING . Anyways I never really came at my dad Screaming for anything because hell he was my dad .But after that night I lost total respect for him.

It was summer time in that  dusty old house that used to belong to my Great Grandma it was dirty and smelled of Jack Daniels My Dads favorite . I was on the beat up leather couch that was a hand me down 10 years befor that . If you remember I told you that I grew up rough. anyways, My drunk as usual father burst in the front door with an equally drunk companion. she was a nice blond haired woman thatfor the rest of my life I wont forget.

The two love birds plopped down on the couch and dad started touching her she said no but he persisted finally relenting only to retreet to the bathroom and retrieve sleeping pills out of the cabinet. I had seen my dad take those pills for years so I knew what they were. I thought to myself “why is he crushing those pills up”I soon found out whe n he offered it to her but she thought they were painkillers.Soon she passed out My Father kicked both my brother and I out of th house while he had his way with her

I hated  myself for not doing more but as I said he was my father and what 18 year old boy isn’t afraid of his dad? After that I couldn’t set foot on a roof without having a Severe Panick attack. I don’t know why. Maybe in my subconscious I felt as if I were going to end up like the A******.I tried believe me.One time after about 2 years not being on a job I tried to work one because my big Brother needed help.He was shorthanded and I was the only qualified roofer around.Bang, Down I went 40 feet into a very thorny bush.

This lovely Dissorder I use d to call it , followed me into my late twenties, early thirties and until recently when I overcame my fear with art.I would get anxiety everytime I wouild start researching roofing companies to see the new competition out there and would break out in hives Im dead serious.I have known since I was 2 that I would own my own busines” maybe it was time to throw in I told my beautiful wife. “Maybe its time you start exploring other options”she said sarcastically.

Conclusion                Crossroads of fear and courage

From that moment on I began the transformation of overcoming fear with Art. I was so lucky to have been one of the aspiring self sustainable working machines that Kyle from right here at W.A. contacted about signing up for the program. Before that I never even heard of affiliate marketing. When you say the expression took a dive boy oh boy did I. I quit my job Paid my bills 3 months in advance then spent my last 250 bucks on this laptop that I write with today. Overcoming fear wasn’t easy but when Kyle said to build your website on whatever your most passionate about,immediatly I chose An art school /store/guide.Thanks to my worthless father I became strong enough to overcome my fear with art and have the determination to never quit until im in the money

Do you have a greatest fear? Think about it.You can overcome that fear I promise you fear is only a state of mind after all

EVERYONE WHO READS THIS LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW ABOUT YOUR FEAR AND HOW YOU OVERCAME IT .Maybe we can talk it through If you have a fear that needs overcoming.Either way comment below and we will figure it out as a team.

Thanks again everyone.

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PS. remember social distancing is important covid 19 is everyones fear that cant be overcame unless your one of the lucky ones

Godbless   Your Artist and friend Jeremy Steven


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  1. I’m very impressed by this post because the use of pictures is wonderful and you added a current event with the facemasks really brilliant.I’m definitely thinking hard about a membership what’re the perks?

    1. Of course Miss with the monthly subscription you are the first seat in the weekly webinars set to start in the middle of july and weekly 1 on 1 sessions with yours truly also you get access to the various contents of this website can I get you the link to the signup page

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