Hello world I know ,I know Picture’s Photos Images  Not the best name for an art gallery but you get the point.My friends we are in an interesting time. Where its actually normal to see people walking down the street with masks on their faces.lol I mean its crazy right. Anyways….This is the beginning of I hope a very long digital career for me and my digital family so this Pictures Photos Images Page should brighten up quite nicely I will keep it in a coulple sections Artwork and Misc. So please enjoy!!!!!!!!

For info on how to purchase a piece or get a coustom portrait of your own go to the bottom of the page……

 These pieces of art are priced individually for you.They are 100%  genuine original works of art.

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                                                                                  ARTWORK                                      byJeremySteven

Skull & Rose Item # 101


Self Portrait coustom item # 1000












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  1. I’m trying to least how to draw portraits from a photo and wrote…I really like this jeremy steven guy I mean all jokes aside He’s really got a bold look that I enjoyed

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