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Welcome to come up Pierfect Picture Portrait! Ladies and gentlemen I have to say that I am so very proud to finally be here with you in this online venture this business has been a dream of mine for years honestly I never thought it would be digital but hey I’m trying to help as many souls as I possibly can. I’m so glad to have the opportunity to share my knowledge and skill with you. So buck;e up and hold on we have so much to do and talk about so here we go………….

It all started……

I guess about 35 years ago in a tiny cramped room in Detroit river view hospital. I was 8 pounds 8 ounces and my mother thought that she had given birth to a real life miracle.Boy how wrong would dear old mom turnout to be you see for the first major part of my life I didn’t lead the most honorable lifestyle. Heck you could probably down right call me every name in the book and I would agree with you. I was going on a downward spiral in a hurry and was about to crash big. And then out of nowhere The worst most unexpected tragedy ripped into my life without so much of an excuse me Jeremy pardon me.

n It’s The phone call that no one should ever get. It was the worst time of my life and still to this day the most painful hurt in my life I heard the crackle of my mothers voice on the other line she had been crying she never cried. Jeremy she said your baby boy is hurt he’s hurt real bad …….he’s not going to make it…………


This my beautiful son

Lucious Maximus

  • Ladies and gentlemen,I’m not telling you this to frighten you or to make a sale. I genuinely just want to help.You see during this period in my life I learned just how powerful the mind is. I learned that a man or woman can be sitting in the middle of a natural disaster and remain calm and collective. In the following months after son LUCIOUS MAXIMUS passing away the only thing and I mean the only thing that kept me together was that sketch book and graphite pencils in my hand
  • ToWhen I have my tool kit I like to call it sometimes in my hand something happens and I transform into a secret hideaway where noone and nothing can touch or hurt me.I was the leader in my clan of one. I would become one with the paper and medium and that my friends is when some of the best work I ever did came about.
  • MY GOAL OF THIS WEBSITE is to teach every single person in the world the betools knowledge   and skills to set yourselves apart and to discover a side of yourself that you never knew exsisted . I want to reveal  to all of you what it means to truly escape into yourselves and become one with your artwork

Here at  Perfect Portrait Picture I guarentee that I will set myself apart from other sites because I have passion and dedication Personall relationships with my customers is what im building the foundation of my company upon so if you ever need one on one assistance with a lesson or your just having trouble in general dont hesitate to comment below and Ill help you in any way that I can

Thankyou truly,

All the best,

Jeremy Steven