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First what exactly is still life artwork a still life is a work of art depicting mainly in adamant subject matter usually commonplace items either man made made by Jesus Still life artwork is a great style to gain knowledge about because of the big shapes and textures that create a still life it’s also my number one choice when I have artist block To draw or paint because creating a still life within some point in your masterpiece you’re going to get inspired by all the beauty and natural shapes and textures within the still life it’s going to inspire you guaranteed so it’s always a good style to choose from when you have artist block simply because that reason



Why this website/Article ?


Never  Deny yourself knowledge because you’ve  pigon held yourself to one Artist. Learn everything from everyone you can.


still life photo of pears

Historical Artists


Hello everybody it’s good to see you all again today I’m talking about still life artwork a little bit of the history and at the end I’ll be showing you how to produce or create your very own still life art so I’ll just jump right in and get straight to it

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pastel landscapeThere were dozens and dozens of really good still life artist in our history but I picked out just a few of my very favorite Artist teachers from history I say that because any one from our past who we admire for their own knowledge of the art you are learning about i s a teacher .












First on my list is Pablo Picasso he was in ordinary slightly balding fellow who if you ran into him on the street you would never know who you were standing in front of because of his regular looking nature but this man Pablo Picasso was one of the best painters and sculptors from our history that we know of he spent a lot of his days in France at the second half of his life there he worked a ot on printmaking .

van gogh

Second on my short list of wonderful still life artist from our history of course is Vincent Van Gogh . Van Gogh was born March 30th of 1853 he was of course a Dutch post impressionist painter he was among the most famous and probably the most talented of the lot and gave the most influence to other artists after him because of his western art in just over a decade he created close to 2200 artworks which at least  860 of them were oil paintings which he is very famous for Hey

Marylin Monroe original drawing
100% original artwork by Jeremy Steven 12by-9 with graphite’s and pen $ 100.00 and its yours












Next on my short list is a French artist known as Paul cezanne he was a post impressionist painter his work laid most of the foundation of the transition of artistic endeavor to the brand new 20th century

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Finally that brings me to my last pic of our very talented historical still life artists Henry mattisse he was French born in December of . He was known for his big bright colors he was so fluid with the blending and he was also a printmaker sculptor but he was primarily a painter he spent most of his days painting with maybeand occasional sculpting

Creating your very own still life should be so enjoyable you’re actually grabbing the materials that you’re using and placing them exactly the way you want to you are literally creating this piece from the very beginning usually 3 to 4 inanimate objects is ideal for a still life drawing or painting your first still life is going to help you recognize the underlying shapes and forms that are in cluster of everyday objects. the big circles and long smooth curvy lines.


Pick out your own set of items and get ready to creat your masterpiece. First watch this video I found on drawing a still life in 5 steps



There you have it I hope you enjoyed the artical Have a great and wonderful day.


By. Jeremy Steven

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  1. Hello buddy, Wonderful artworks! I like drawing too and my daughter as well. Even-though I’m not very great at it, my daughter does very well drawing. 

    I enjoyed reading your review, I am really passionate practice and learn more about drawings but time could not let me now. I admire your hard work and thank you very much for sharing with us.


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